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Also known as 2,5,7,8-tetramehtyl-2RS-(4'RS,8'RS,12'trimethyldecyl)-6-chrmanol hydrogen succinate, dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate is a synthetic form of the essential fat soluble vitamin E. Chosen by our staff of scientist and chemist for the four 2R- stereoisomers (RRR-alpha-tocopherol, RRS-alpha-tocopherol, RSS-alpha-tocopherol and RSR-alpha-tocopherol) which are the only stereoisomers of alpha-tocopherol which are maintained in human plasma and tissue.
Biochemically, Vitamin E is engaged in a myriad of cellular activities. Prominent among them include its powerful antioxidant activities which protect polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) and plasma lipoproteins (LDL) from oxidation by acting as a peroxyl radical scavenger. Additionally, Vitamin E is engaged in the upregulation of cytosolic phospholipase A2 and cyclooxygenase (COX-1) which yield a vasodialiting effect.

Synonymous with nicotinic acid, and also known as Vitamin B3, niacin is a member of the water soluble B-vitamin group. Originally discovered in connection to the oxidation process of nicotine, nicotinic acid through nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD++) is integral in energy production, cholesterol and steroid synthesis, signal transduction and gene expression regulation. NAD++ operates as a dual functional role of co-enzyme and substrate. The use of the "++" nomenclature in NAD++ refers to the positive charge of the nitrogen in the pyridine ring of niacin.
The molecular formula for Nicotinic Acid is expressed as C6H6N2O. Both NAD++ and reduced nicotinamide dinucleotide (NADH) are primary hydrogen donors and acceptors of biological redox reactions. Nicotinic Acid is an efficient vasodialator of cutaneous blood cells, which increases circulation upon administration of doses exceeding 20 milligrams. The use of Nicotinic Acid may result in a "flushing" effect. This "flushing" effect may cause minor skin irritation and reddening, tingling, itching or burning of the face, neck and chest.

Also known as hypoxanthine is a precursor to adenosine monophosphate (AMP) and guanosine monophosphate through its nucleotide inosine 5'-monophosphate or inosinate. In addition to it's function as a phathway of purine nucleotide synthesis, inosine is also present in transfer RNA. In addition to its positive inotropic effects, inosine has shown vasodilatory properties.

The Sutra-X Ayurvedic DS69 is a unique blend of two ancient Ayurvedic herbs shown to increase sexual drive and virility. The Sutra-X Ayurvedic DS69 is an all-natural dietary supplement proprietary blend to contain the optimal amounts of Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris L.) and Cayenne (Capsicum species L.). Both herbs have been used for centuries in ancient medicine, and most importantly have been widely recognized as effective aphrodisiac in the ancient Ayruvedic tradition.


Historically, the Tribulus fruit has been used in ancient India, Greece and China for a multiplicity of ailments, predominantly as an aphrodisiac and virility enhancer. A member of the Zygophyllaceae family and known as Gokshura in the Ayurvedic tradition, the Tribulus plant grows to approximately two meters, bears yellow flowers with five petals 8-15 millimeters in diameter, and a woody burr as fruit which is approximately one centimeter in diameter with sharp spines six millimeters long.
Further research of Tribulus uncovered several major bioactive constituents; all of which are considered "steroidal saponins" such as tribulosin, dioscin 3, desgalactotigonin, F-gitonin, and terrestrosins A-E4,5 , . In addition to the above "steroidal saponins," Tribulus also contains furostanol type saponins such as terrestrosins F-K 6, alkaloids 7, lignamides 8 and flavonoids 9.


Cayenne or Capsicum is widely recognized as Chili, and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine along with Aztec, Chinese, Japanese and Korean medicine for centuries. In the Ayurvedic tradition, Cayenne is used in conjunction with garlic and liquid amber to redden the skin and as a local stimulant. Additionally, it is combine with mustard seed and used as a counterirritant. Although it has been a favored herb in the East for hundreds of years, Germany approved Cayenne as a topical treatment for muscle spasms; both USP and NF have validated its use as a carminative, stimulant and rubefacient; and finally the US FDA has recognized capsaicin (a compound found inherently in Cayenne) as an OTC topical analgesic.
Further studies of the beneficial properties of Cayenne have discovered its role as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, and contains steroid glycosides, vitamin A and C, alpha- and beta-carotene and capsaicinoids (which include capsaicin, 6,7-dihydrocapsaicin, nordihyrocapsaicin, homodihyrocapsaicin, and homocapsaicin). Cayenne works as a stimulant and catalyst for aphrodisiac functions in the Sutra-X Ayurvedic DS69 blend.


Our patent-pending Sutra-X formula contains the best of Ayurvedic tradition as well as ancient Asian homeopathy and medical knowledge. The Ayurvedic DS69 blend works in symbiosis with the Asian HEP452 blend of Chinese and Korean herbs. All of the herbs used in the Sutra-X formula contain active biochemical compounds which act as aphrodisiacs and vasodialotors.


Chinese Hawthorn or shan zha (Crataegus pinnatifida L.) plant and its fruit have been used medicinally for centuries by ancient Chinese herbalist to treat a multiplicity of ailments. Hawthorn has been known for its beneficial qualities as early as the first century BC, and was also prescribed by Avicenna. Bearing bright red and tart fruits which are similar to the crabapple, this ancient Chinese fruit has been shown in current scientific studies to yield positive inotropic activity resulting in increase blood flow and oxygen utilization, and is therefore considered a vasodialator. The primary biochemical compounds naturally occurring in Crataegus pinnatifida L. are flavonoids including epicatcchin 10.


Horny Goat Weed or Epimedium sagittatum L. is commonly referred to as Barrenwort and Yin Yang Huo in the Asian tradition. Grown and used throughout China and Korea as an aphrodisiac, Horny Goat Weed has been used by ancient herbalists for nearly 1,000 years. Considered a "yang tonic," Horny Goat Weed was used to improve sexual function and fertility and was also used to overcome the obstacle of Qi in Chinese medicine. Similar to Crataegus, Epimedium also contains several beneficial flavonoids which are responsible for the maintenance and support of healthy sexual function.

The Sutra-X Asian HEP452 proprietary blend contains our patent-pending optimal blend of Horny Goat Weed which naturally contains the flavonoid icariin a powerful antioxidant and vasodialotor.


Damiana is a small shrub which naturally grows in North, .Central and South America. Used in folk medicine as a natural herbal aphrodisiac, Damiana or Turnera diffusa L. has been shown in clinical studies to increase the ejaculation and reduce the intromission and ejaculation latencies of sexually potent rats which consumed 1 ml/kg of a Turnera diffusa L. extract 11. The biochemical compounds found in the plan include hydroquinone, arbutin and a myriad of flavonoids. The form of Damiana and quantity used in the Sutra-X Asian HEP452 proprietary blend is a syngergistic blend which optimizes the positive pharmacological effects of Turnera diffusa L.


Muira Puama or Potency Wood is part of the Ptyochopetalum genus; the Sutra-X Asian HEP452 proprietary blend utilizes the Ptyochopetalum olacoides L. which is natively grown in the Rio Negro aria of the Brazil and has been used in folk medicine as a aphrodisiac and anxiogenic stimulant. The Muira Puama tree grows to approximately five meters and contains several active biochemical compounds including behenic acid, beta-caryophyllene, alpha-humulene, plant sterols, and triterpenes.

The positive effects of consuming Muira Puama for sexual function and libido have been confirmed in two clinical studies in France. Among the 262 participants of the first trial, 62% of the participants experienced a "dynamic effect" on their libido. 12 In the second study of 100 male participants who consumed Muira Puama, 85% of the participants stated that they had "enhanced libido" and 90% "improved" their "ability to maintain an erection 13.


Also known as Duck Foot Tree, Maidenhair Tree and Silver Apricot, Ginkgo biloba L. contains several biochemical compounds including ginkgo flavonol glycoside and terpene lactones. One of the most ancient extant trees, the Ginkgo biloba L. extract (GBE) has proven to be beneficial when consumed for a multiplicity of reasons including memory and vasodialing properties.


The Sutra-X Herbal Base is a synergistic blend of whole herbs which maintain and support healthy sexual function and libido. Additionally, the Sutra-X Herbal Base works synergistically with the Sutra-X Ayurvedic DS69 and Sutra-X Asian HEP452 proprietary blends to act as an aphrodisiac, vasodialator and stamina enhancer.


Chinese Ginseng or Panax ginseng L. has been used as stamina enhancer by Chinese herbalists for several hundred years. Recent clinical studies have linked ginseng with the production of nitric oxide which is essential to the production of the male sex hormone testosterone 14. The Sutra-X Herbal Base blend was designed to increase the efficacy and potency of the Sutra-X Ayurvedic DS69 blend and the Sutra-X Asian HEP452.


Catuaba Bark or Erythroxylum catuaba L. is a known aphrodisiac native of the rainforest of Brazil. Active biochemical compounds naturally occurring in Catuaba bark include several alkaloids such as catuabine A, B and C; tannins; aromatic oils and fatty resins, phytosterols and cyloglignans. Similar to Muira Puama, Catuaba is also known as "Potency Wood" and has been clinically known to maintain and support healthy sexual function, libido and stamina.


Saw Palmetto or Serenoa repens L. has been clinically shown to support and maintain healthy sexual function. Biochemically, the plant naturally contains several fatty acids which are beneficial to adult males including prostate function. Additional research has also found a link of Saw Palmetto consumption with DHT production and sex-hormone production. The additional and use of Saw Palmetto Fruit works in conjunction with the other active compounds of Sutra-X to maximize it's effectiveness.


Oat Straw or Avena sativa L. and its stalks may act as a vasodialotor when consumed. The Sutra-X Herbal Base includes a myriad of effective and potent natural herbs which are designed to support and maintain health sexual function.