Revolutionizing Pulp Yield through Parason Disc Filters for Enhanced Quality and Profitability


Jane Doe

April 12, 2024

Revolutionizing Pulp Yield through Parason Disc Filters for Enhanced Quality and Profitability

Lohia Paper Mill Partners partnered with Parason Machinery to transform their pulp yield, resulting in cost savings, improved product quality - all while enhancing their profitability and competitiveness.

Lohia Paper & Boards Pvt. Ltd, a paper mill located in Raipur, India, has come a long way since its inception in 2005, earning a reputation as a leading paper mill on a mission to meet the rising paper requirements of the Indian market. 

However, despite its success, the leadership of Lohia Papers and Boards saw the need to improve their paper and board quality further, prompting their biggest challenge yet–unleashing the untapped potential of their pulp yield.  

The Opportunity

Despite having a clear vision, the Lohia Paper Mill team quickly realized that such a pulp yield would only be possible if they could successfully separate and retain high-quality pulp fibres while discarding the impurities in their composition. To do so, they needed disc filters that could change how the pulp obtained from their pulping process is washed and cleaned of chemicals, lignin, and other non-fibrous materials that severely affect the quality of the pulp harvest. Essentially, disc filters that could substantially enhance their pulp's smoothness and consistency, allowing them to produce more refined products.

The Ideal Solution

Once Lohia Paper Mill identified what they needed, they did not have to look further than Parason Machinery. Parason was eager to help provide the paper mill with the specialized equipment they required. 

Parason already had experience supplying top notch equipment to pulp and paper mills in around 73+ countries worldwide, all of whom produce high-quality kraft paper, duplex board, tissue paper, writing and printing paper, specialty paper, and molded fibre products. This included the equipment used to ease the thickening process, resulting in pulp with substantially reduced fiber loss. 

Parason's Disc Filters were the ideal solution for the paper mill to achieve significantly better results, from fiber recovery and thickening to optimizing the mat formation process, an essential component in creating high-quality paper.

Springing to Action

The need for immediate results demanded prompt action. Lohia Papers and Boards partnered with Parason Machinery in mid-2020 to integrate a dozen state-of-the-art Poly Disc Filters. The result was a complete transformation of their pulp yield while resulting in cost savings, improved product quality, and reduced raw material consumption, all while enhancing their profitability and competitiveness. 

The partnership combined the expertise of the professional paper mill with the innovative equipment from the manufacturer of world-class poly-disc filters to guarantee the highest pulp yield possible.

Specifications of Parason's Poly Disc Filters: 

PARAMETERVALUEQuantity of Discs12 unitsDiameter3.7 metersFlow9000 LPMCloudy Filtrate Flow60%Colour Filtrate300 ppmClear Filtrate Flow40%Clear Filtrate200 ppmFurnishONP + Record + Mix waste

Within 72 hours of receiving the purchase order, Parason dispatched 12 replacement Poly Disc Filters, each with a diameter of 3.7 meters, to the Lohia Paper Mill. Upon delivery, the disc filters were promptly installed by professionals with the utmost care, keeping in mind safety and the existing mill infrastructure.

Building Relationships and Achieving Positive Results through Innovation

"We are extremely pleased with the impeccable delivery of the products to our factory. Our company is extremely satisfied with your disc filters, and we eagerly anticipate the continuation of this outstanding level of service in the future." – Ashok Lohia, Managing Director of Lohia Papers and Boards.

In the case of Parason's partnership with Lohia Papers and Boards, the paper mill started experiencing a dramatically higher pulp yield with negligible impurities in as little as three months from the date installation. This case study is a ripe example of how positive results do not always take time when the root causes are quickly discovered and the solutions are available close at hand.
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