Conical Type Deflaker

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The construction of the Rotor and Stator is Conical. Therefore, we get more area for deflaking in this type of Deflaker as compared to other deflakers.

Working Principle

Due to the smaller diameter of the Rotor, this equipment is more power efficient as compared to the other equipment having similar functions. The deflaking action takes place in 3 steps. There is lesser damage to the fiber (i.e. less shortening & more fibrillation). The 3 step design ensures more retention time to the fiber while deflaking (as compared to teeth or hole type). There is consistent deflaking due to online gap adjustment with respect to the current drawn. The life of the fillings is longer.

Applications & Salient Features

  • – More output due to more deflaking area
  • – Power consumption is less as compared to other types of deflakers
  • – No-load power is also less as compared to other types of deflakers
  • – Better quality of pulp is generated
  • – Efficient in breaking flakes in the pulp

Main Specifications:

25 10-40 75-110
35 40-70 90-200
45 70-120 250-270


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