Tetra Pack Pulper – TPP

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Applications & Features

Tetra Pack pulper handles high­ contaminant raw materials effectively. It can slush slurry at 12-15% con. and extracts by perforated screen plate. Its larger capacity permits 6% dilution and speedier discharge.

An inclined channel transfers rejected plastic and aluminum foils to two Trommel Screens.


  • Lower power consumption & greater throughput
  • Better slushing
  • High­speed operation execution
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Longer service life
Tetra Pack Pulper – Process

Technical Specications:

CSP Model CSP 36 CSP 54 CSP 72
TPD 50 75 100
Tub Volume 36 54 72
Power (kW) / Speed (Rpm) 315/1500 500/1500 630/1500

* Production – TPD, Power kW depends on type of raw material cycle time, pulping time and technological properties
** Gear Drive | * Due to constant research, specifications are subject to change


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