Medium consistency centricleaner

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Applications In Pulp Mill

In Pulp Mill

  • The cleaners are used for a medium consistency cleaning system for all types of recycled paper and virgin pulp
  • Before the MC slotted pressure screen, increase the life of screen baskets
  • Before Deinking Cell — Improves Deinking efficiency and Diffuser life
  • Before Disperser/Kneader: Longer life of wear parts like a screw, basket, and Disperser plates

In Approach Flow (Paper Machine)

  • All grades of paper produced with minimum power and space requirements and improved stock cleanliness
  • A closed system avoids air entrapment in the pulp stock
  • The large volume of cone reduces the space of SS-304 with ceramic bottom construction

Technical Specifications:

PMCC Model 750 1000 2000
LPM 750 1000 2000


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