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Robotic Integrated Forming Machine

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Parason automatic Forming machine is the most advanced and hybrid technological solution equipped with forming and inmold drying stations with floating distribution type of pulp inlet system which ensures accurate pouring of pulp onto the mold. Benefits in uniform formation of products throughout the platen.

Parason 6-Axis Robot system plays vital role in replacing the manual work of picking and placing the parts from the forming and hot press stations. An automated pick-and-place system helps achieve production efficiency, reduced handling rejections, and accuracy

The robotic system is equipped with close loop feedback based control system to make it function enabling the arms to pick and place the parts reliably and precisely.

Applications of Forming Machine

  • Advanced reciprocating forming system
  • Suitable for manual and robotic operation
  • Customizable end effectors to suit the part’s geometry
  • Dual drive for stable platen movement with higher speed
  • Safety light curtains for operator safety
  • Machine body, pulp, and water contact parts of SS304

Applications of Six-Axis Robot

  • Integration with Parason Semiautomatic Forming machine
  • High speed transfer with servo controlled mechanism
  • Customizable end effectors to suit the part’s geometry
  • Precise axis movement, part picking and placement
  • Proximity sensors and limit switches for moving plates
  • Safety interlocks and sensors for quick response to the PLC system
  • Perfect gripping
  • Robust and sturdy design

Main Specifications:

Capacity 500 kgs/day
Stations 1 station
Hot press 2 station
Platen size-Model 1 1100*800 mm
Platen size-Model 2 1000*950 mm
Mold heating modes Electric / Thermal oil
Control system PLC with HMI Screen
Product forming type Effusion
Product height Max. 70 mm


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