Agro and Wood Pulping

We utilize waste from nature to produce pulping stock. In Agro pulping, the raw materials used to produce high-quality paper and paper products are derived from agricultural residues such as wheat straw, bagasse, rice straw, and sarkanda. Our commitment to environmental responsibility and product excellence has led us to utilize a diverse array of raw materials. By using this waste as a raw material for our products, we take pride in fulfilling our responsibilities towards the environment.

The wood pulping process is a crucial step in paper production. It involves breaking down wood fibers to create pulp that can be used to make paper, cardboard, and various other products. The wood pulping process involves using raw materials such as eucalyptus, casuarina, subabul, acasia, and bamboo. The bark is removed from the timber, and the wood is further processed in a chipper where it is chipped into small parts. All steps including cooking, washing, screening, cleaning, delignification, and Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) bleaching are followed sequentially to obtain quality pulp from the wood.


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