Effluent Treatment Plant

Dissolved Air Flotation – DAF

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Supracell Process Description

The untreated water flows into the unit in one direction as the rotating carriage travels in another direction. These two forces oppose each other and equalize to create a ‘zerovelocity within the flotation zone. This causes the fine air bubbles from the ADT to attach and lift the suspended solids to the surface where the sludge blanket is formed.

Then, the clarified water is drawn off the bottom of the tank with the help of effluent extraction pipes into a common clear well. The water is discharged by gravity through the bottom of the unit. The floating sludge is removed with the help of a spiral scoop and is deposited out in a central sludge well.

Operational Advantages

  • The unit has very less floor loading as there are only 1822 inches of water in the clarifies. The units typically weigh 160 lbs/SF or less.
  • Operation task, inspection, and cleaning is easy because of the shallow tank design.
  • The side of the tank is equipped with a viewing window that is mounted on the side of the tank for observation of the flotation process. This facilitates the optimization of
    chemical dosing.
  • The shallow and open design of the tank makes the unit easy to use for a wide range of applications. Heavy oil and grease applications or high solid applications are supported by the design as they work with very few obstructions in the tank to prevent solid accumulation.
  • A bottom scraper cleans the unit of any sediment debris that is then automatically purged.
  • The unit is installed in an elevated position as the inlet and outlet connections are at the bottom of the unit.

Technical Specifications:

SIZE Diameter (Feet) Flow M³/HRS Total Soluble Solid (TSS)PPM
8 25 2200
10 40 2200
12 60 2200
15 80 2200
18 100 2200
20 140 2200
24 200 2200
27 250 2200
30 300 2200
36 500 2200


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