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Impellers for Pulper

Hi-Consistency pulper is connected with dilution pulper. The dilution pulper has a due function of separating the plastics and other foreign material as also dilutes the high consistency for stock transfer for further processing. This pulp has 0 6-8 mm drilled screen plate with the impeller rotating against the screen. The impact of the impeller separates the fiber from the rejects, hence working most efficiently for fiber recovery.


  • Uncut contaminates from the Hi-consistency pulper are removed with negligible fiber loss
  • The hi-consistency pulper is ready for the next batch immediately after emptying out
  • The isolating valve isolates the Dilution pulper from the main pulper
  • The dilution pulper works as the first coarse screen, thus reducing a load on the next stage equipment
  • Removal of large foreign contaminants eliminates the risk of pulp jamming in successive operation


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