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Wire Section

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Parason Machinery offers state-of-the-art technology for paper mills, presenting a range of wire section options tailored to diverse production needs. Our offerings include :


· Adjustable height and longitudinal positioning

· Easy replacement of foils

PARASON delivers wire tables in this design:

· Longitudinal(multi-wire)

· With top dewatering former

Dewatering elements are located on the wire table inthe following order:

· Forming board,

· Dewatering foils,

· Hydrofoil boxes,

· Vacuum water boxes,,

· Suction boxes.

Four or Multi-Wire Machine

Applications: Kraft, duplex, HWC duplex, SVS duplex,

art card, FBB, multilayer high BF kraft, white top liner kraft

Double Wire Machine

Applications: Kraft and white top liner kraft

Triple Wire Machine

Applications: Kraft, duplex, white top liner Kraft

Single Wire Machine

Applications: Special grade paper, tissue, lower gsm kraft, regular kraft

Tissue and Poster Machine

Applications: Tissue paper, poster paper, and other specialty papers·

Paper Weight Range: 12 to 50 gsm (for tissue paper) and 50 to 120 gsm (for poster paper)


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