SharpEdge Drum Pulper

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Parason SharpEdge Drum Pulper For Effective Fiber Treatment

Parason SharpEdge Drum Pulper follows an effective pulping process for recovered fibers that require careful & gentle pulping to meet the various requirements of the paper industry.

Parason SharpEdge Drum Pulper is a machine developed for efficient pulping of stock consistencies up to 15% – 18% and for gentle and effective separation of fibers and contaminants.

Principle Of Parason SharpEdge Drum Pulper

Parason SharpEdge Drum Pulper uses the concept of a washing machine for its working. The HiTech Bar Knives Metallurgy is adopted for the first time in the world. It is a superb combination at a lower cost and reduced power in the Refining process. The pulp & the water are mixed, and the concept of the Drum screen is used. The Drum Pulper consists of two zones: Slushing Zone and Screening Zone.

For writing printing paper, the slushing zone is divided into two parts, and the screening zone is one part with one chest. For kraft paper, the slushing zone is one part, the slushing zone + screening zone is the second part, and the screening zone is the third part. It is supported by two chests.

Main Specifications:

Installation size PDP15 PDP30 PDP45 PDP60 PDP80 PDP100
Production (T/Day) 150 300 450 600 800 1000
Installed capacity [kW] 132 250 400 560 800 1000

Advantages of The Parason SharpEdge Drum Pulper

  • It comes with a maintenance-free girth gear drive
  • Elimination of tyres for the drive
  • It uses the replaceable refiner plate bars with Parason ERP’” for slushing the pulp
  • Manufacturing up to 1500 TPD of SharpEdge Drum Pulper
  • Parason SharpEdge Drum Pulper can be used for Writing Printing, News Print, Kraft Paper, Low BF 14, 16,18 BF of paper
  • Low maintenance cost

Features Of Newly Modified Design

  • Standard diameter
  • At this diameter, the pulp falling stock between 11 O’clock to 11.30 so that the maximum height is achieved
  • The length of the Parason SharpEdge Drum Pulper varies as per the capacity
  • Raw material flexibility: Slush highly contaminated recycled paper
  • Gentle processing: Removal of an easy-to-slush fine fraction as soon as possible
  • Operation with low net energy consumption between 15-25 kWh/t
  • Low fiber loss due to non-shredding of contaminants
  • Reduced power


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