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Application & Features

In series with the Offset Pulper, the newly developed Ragger by Parason is efficient in easy and effective removal of contaminants like wires, rags, strings, plastics with the help of Ragger rope. The Ragger is easy to install with both horizontal and vertical types of pulpers. The time delay between the running of motors is adjustable as per your convenience. The speed of Ragger operation can be set as per the level of contaminants and production rate. Pneumatic loading and relieving of the loading rope are available.

Ragger control panel is designed to

  • Extra safe for removing contaminants from Offset pulper
  • Maximum profile contact allows robust and reliable removal of spinning contaminants
  • Automatic loading & lifting of roller
  • Easy adjustments with emergency stops
  • Visual indications of Ragger motor ‘ON’ & air pressure

Main Specifications:

PRG Model PRG 250 PRG 450 PRG 700
RPM 0 – 3 0 – 3 0 – 3
Geared Motor 0.75 1.1 2.2


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