Agro Pulping


Working Principle

The Depither is designed to separate the pith/dust from Bagasse/wheat straw. The Bagasse is fed through the inlet spout or chute at a specific feed rate to the top of the Rotor Assembly in which the Hammers are rotating clockwise The Bagasse falling down between the Rotor Hammers and Screen will be battered successively by each group of Hammers. The pith and dust are then forced through Screen by Centrifugal force and discharged through dust chute to a conveyor, which takes the dust either to boiler for burning or for disposal. The fibre is discharged through the fibre chute. The fibre is then taken to a belt conveyor to washing streets.

Application & Unique Features

  • Efficiently removal of pith/dust.
  • No Vibration.
  • Hard faced hammers for long life
  • Specially designed perforated screen the triangular pitch for removal of pith.


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