High Consistency Disc Filter (HCDF)

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Working Principle

Parason High Consistency Disc Filter (HCDF) is developed for effective pulp thickening in a wide range of flow applications. The HCDF is adaptable to higher feed consistencies and supports operations of variable grades of pulp and recycled paper.

The pulp is fed into the vat through the inlet located on the side of the filter. The mat formation starts under gravity ensuring optimal dewatering. As the rotor rotates, the filtrate is drained through the channels into the outer rotor pipe under vacuum. The fiber mat is knocked off at the top which causes the pulp to fall into the pulp discharge screw that is located at the center. The rotor channels have a connected valve for separating the cloudy and clear filtrate. The filtrate can be further separated into the clear and super clear filtrate.

The filter bags after mat discharge are cleaned by an oscillating shower and are ready for new mat formation.

The outer rotor pipe provides a continuous agitation in the vat to maintain uniform stock consistency.

Key Benefits

  • Handling higher feed consistencies upto 2%
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Minimized installation costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy & manageable process
  • Regulating high freeness operations
  • Auto door lifting arrangement
  • Clear filtrate 100 ­- 150 PPM
  • Cloudy filtrate 400 ­- 500 PPM

Technical Benefits of High Consistency Disc Filter

  • Operating at higher inlet consistency minimizes space requirements, installation cost, and power consumption
  • Minimized rubbing forces on the mat surface due to wider disc space, Ideal for OCC line
  • Perfectly positioned conical cell sectors avoid leakages
  • Uniform mat formation with unique sector design
  • Better reliability & filtrate quality
  • Minimum maintenance requirements due to open rotor design
  • Supply in a complete assembled condition ready to plug in and start


Upgraded Performance with Open Rotor Design


  • Inlet consistency up to 2%
  • Lower filtrate PPM compared to conventional
  • Drum Thickener
  • Lower pollution load
  • Lesser filtration area required compared to
  • conventional Disc Filter (PDF)
  • Lower installation cost
  • Suitable for thickening of Short Fiber after Fractionator

Minimized installation cost

  • Higher inlet consistency reduce size of the disc filter
  • Parason HCDF is supplied duly assembled in the workshop
  • Reduce overall installation cost

Operation and maintenance friendly

  • Parason HCDF can handle variation in flow
    and feed consistency
  • The filter segments, sealings, and bearings
    are accessible from the outside

Trouble-free segment cleaning

  • The grid segment with higher open area eliminates the risk of pulp accumulation
  • Filter bag able to clean from both sides keeping the cloth clean and effective for a longer period

Ability to handle large flows

  • The unique rotor design enables the HCDF to handle high flows in applications where only drum deckers have traditionally been used



Model No. Of Disc A(m) B(m) C(m)
HCDF 3.7 x 04 4 5.22 4.27 4
HCDF 3.7 x 06 6 5.82 4.27 4
HCDF 3.7 x 07 7 6.12 4.27 4
HCDF 3.7 x 08 8 6.42 4.27 4
HCDF 3.7 x 10 10 7.02 4.27 4


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