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Fully Automatic Forming Machine

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Parason's Fully Automatic Forming Machine

                                                Fully Automatic Forming Machine

MODEL 1: PFA-S1300

Fully automatic high-end packaging technology for varied product applications. Integrated with automatic in-line product transfer system from forming station to hot press and then auto stacking throughout feed conveyor.

Parason's Fully Automatic Forming Machine
                                                    MODEL 1: PFA-S1300


  • Best suitable for premium packaging products
  • Reciprocating forming system
  • Compatible for Tableware, Electronic, Cosmetic, IP
  • Small footprint

Main Specifications:

Platen size 1300x750mm
Capacity 350-500 Kgs/day
Product compatibility Tableware, Electronics, Cosmetics, IP
Product height Upto 70 mm
Hot press 1 Station
Mold heating Electric or Thermal oil
Control system PLC and HMI


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