Dispersion System

Oxidative Bleach Tower

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The unique factor of POBT is to hold up high consistency stock for adequate retention time, which will provide sufficient time for bleaching. At the bottom of POBT, the stock will be extracted at 4% to 4.5% consistency with advanced engineering of four different dilution systems.

Applications & Salient Features

  • Storage, bleaching, and soaking up high consistency pulp up to 28%
  • Very low specific energy required as compared to high consistency tower
  • Possibility of reduced height in order to be installed below the operating floor
  • Adequate retention time for proper homogeneous reaction with chemicals
  • Parason Oxidative Bleach Tower reduces the bleaching chemical consumption
  • Parason Oxidative Bleach Tower turbine assembly drive rotates with very minimum RPM 0.2 to 0.3 RPM respective with variable frequency drive

Principle Operations

  • Tower is fed with pulp up to 24%-30% from upstream Disperser Equipment
  • The pulp bleaching proceeds at high consistency with adequate retention time
  • In continuous operation, the stock pumped at 4-4.5% CY to 2nd loop or next stage of the process
  • The POBT provides a homogeneous reaction with oxidative bleach chemical for better pulp penetration to the pulp

Used in following grades

  • Writing Printing grade I News Print I Wherever bleach chemical is used for bleaching | White Grades


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