Pressurized Headbox

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Parason Pressurized headbox is constructed skillfully at our manufacturing unit. The pressurized headbox is operated by the pressure of the air. The pond level is maintained at a certain point. Above that level, it contains pressurized air. The head determines the slice jet speed that contains two to three rectifier rolls.

• Applications & Salient Features

  • Shape difference across the deckle in max ±2 GSM
  • Manifold is offered as per the quality and production capability
  • Speed up to 300 m/min to 500 m/min respectively
  • Slice width up to 6800 mm

• Advantages

  • Gives excellent results with all types of papers
  • Sturdy and durability provides long-life
  • Reliable performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Power saving


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