Low Consistency Offset Pulper

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Operating Principles

‘D’ Section of the tub increases the turbulence in the Tub causing bales/bundles to submerge rapidly and thus, reduce the dwelling time. This is suitable for continuous operations. Very suitable for furnish of OCC, AOCC, Box Board separate the reject and fiber. The Fiber discharge line is connected to the pulp suction pump or directly fed to storage towers.

The Advantages Are

  • The model ‘D’ refers to the shape of Tub
  • Continuous Operation
  • Operating consistency 4-6%
  • Higher capacity (TPD) with reduced power input compared to normal vertical pulper
  • S.S. Cast Rotor of special design for handling different grades of raw material
  • ‘D’ Pulper can operate at ambient temp. as well as at elevated temp. up to 70°C
  • Heavy-duty sturdy bearings take an impact load of bales/waste paper bundles
  • Removes Plastic in large pieces with little degradation
  • Reduce the burden on downstream equipment
  • Decreases/eliminates clean-out down time
  • External adjustment of the rotor to maintain clearance between rotor and screen


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