Ring type Deflaker

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Working Principle

The pulp stock introduced centrally into the deflaker passes through the gap between the rotor and stator and teeth of each ring towards the outlet. The unique tri-disc system causes the high-speed rotating disc to create strong turbulence and hydro-dynamic shock waves between the fiber bundles and flakes. This releases the bonds between individual fibers under the impact of high-frequency waves and frictions.

Depending on the furnish and required differing efficiency, the outermost ring size is selected and the gap between rotor and stator is adjusted by shims.

Applications & Salient Features

  • – The fillings design is very precise with simplicity in manufacturing
  • – The fillings are manufactured all over the machined surface which gives a better deflaking effect on the fibers
  • – The gap between stator and rotor discs is constant. This avoids the clashing of stator and rotor discs in spite of the fluctuations in the flow and pressure of the pulp

Main Specifications:

300 10-40 75-110
450 40-70 90-200
600 70-120 250-315


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