Twin Screw Sand Separator

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Working Principles

Normally in Paper Industries, a sediment separator process is carried out, separation of heavy particles from liquid or light particles. The equipment called sand separator removes sand and other heavy solids from HD cleaning/cleaning/screening rejects. Heavy particles in liquids settle in a chamber before being removed by a screw (shaftless). PARASON Twin Screw sand separator designed a horizontal screw with the tub before to the inclined screw to achieve good efficiency.

The optimization of the sedimentation tank geometry and the internal flow arrangement allows the sedimentation chamber to be completely filled with liquid and the sedimentation process takes place from the starting point. Other designs do not have any free surface areas for sedimentation. PARASON Twin Screw sand separator doesn’t have problems like floating fibers and plugs the screw.

Applications & Unique Features

  • Efficient separation of heavy particles
  • The smart design of the sedimentation tank
  • Trouble-free operation, also for larger debris
  • Low energy consumption and maintenance costs


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