Horizontal Agitator

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Applications & Unique Features

Parason Agitators are designed for all kinds of fibers in chests, tanks, and storage towers up to a consistency of 5% in the propeller area.

For Efficient Mixing

  • – Effective agitation at low power consumption
  • – All wetted parts are of stainless steel
  • – Propeller is equipped with adjustable blades
  • – Blade angles are adjustable
  • – Guiding plate to increase efficiency(avoids rotation of pulp and reduces power consumption)
  • – Bearings are accessible from outside hence can be replaced without draining the chest
  • – Easy & low maintenance

Inbuilt DilutionArrangement

Parason Agitators are specially designed with an inbuilt dilution arrangement. Dilution water is directly fed into the agitator body which will discharge in the center of the agitator propeller zone, resulting in the uniform and efficient dilution of stock before pumping.

Main Specifications:

MODEL PAT 600 800 1000 1200 1400
MOTOR RATING(KW) 9-11 15-22 30-37 34-45 45-55


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