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• Purpose

Parason Reject Compactor is built for separating rejects of variable particle sizes containing a significant amount of fibers. Rejects like pieces of plastic, laminated paper, wood particles, textile pieces, stickies, wax, sand particles, glass pieces, metal particles, etc. are efficiently separated with the Reject Compactor.

• Process

The reject fed to the compactor is conveyed by a rotating screw. The hydraulically actuated pressure hatches compress the reject material inside a counterpressure unit. The heavy-duty & wear resistance baskets retain the solid particles and the water is allowed to flow down through the holes. Parason Reject Compactor can efficiently achieve maximum dryness.

• Key Benefits

Works with smaller to higher consistencies i.e. 10%45%
Design is suitable for both lower and higher consistency operations
Lower maintenance cost & longer service time
Improved quality of accepts s obtained with negligible fiber loss

Main Specifications:

PRC Model PRC 400 PRC 600
Power (kW) 12 15


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