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Yankee Cylinders

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Paper width up to 4500 mm   |   Standard Diameter 12ft to 16 ft

The Yankee dryer, a substantial steam-heated pressure vessel, plays a crucial role in tissue grade production. It utilizes high-pressure steam internally to heat the shell and dry the sheet, requiring efficient removal of the resulting condensate.

The large size, coupled with the use of high-pressure steam, underscores the need for effective condensate removal to maintain optimal drying conditions.

Advanced Technology Benefits

· Efficient Drying

· Steam Savings range from 3% to 5%.

· Enhanced Operator Safety

· Low-Cost Investment

Parason Yankee cylinderswiththeir advanced technologynotonlyfacilitate efficient drying of paper sheetsbut alsooffer cost savings, improved safety, and a relatively low initial investment, making it a desirable choice for tissue-grade production facilities.


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