Dispersion System

Pressurized Hot Disperser Unit

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Advantages Of Disperser

Parason Hot Disperser System is designed to disperse the specs & impurities (waxes, hot melts, stickies, bitumen, ink) contained in the waste paper pulp. The technology lies in the combining of the forces such as high consistency of pulp at 38% to 42%, raising the temperature to 80° to 110°, and applying the mechanical energy by Ultra-Precision Disperser Segments in the accuracy of microns. At this stage, the combination of the various forces creates the balance, so that the aesthetic properties of the paper are improved dramatically.

  • – Reduces specs in pulp
  • – Can use cheaper waste paper
  • – Improves fiber treatment
  • – Reduces stickies, hot melts, etc.
  • – Improves paper quality
  • – Reduces raw material cost
  • – Provides better strength property
  • – Increases paper machine runnability, reduces machine clothing costs

Overall Increase In Profitability

Operation System

The Parason Disperser system consists of the following combinations of the processes:

  • – Stock consistency needs to be increased up to 38% to 42%
  • – Breakage of the lumps in the pulp will increase the surface area
  • – Increase the temperature of the pulp to 80°C to 110°C
  • – Ultra-precision dispersion with precise gap control

Parason Dewatering Screw with Pneumatic Loading System

Parason dewatering screw has both conical screw cone and pneumatically controlled counter pressure cone that ensures desired dewatering affect up to 10% consistency with the flexibility of operation.

Screw Press

Parason Screw Press is very sturdy and has a unique feature. The screw is made in a single piece casting with hard-facing edges of the flights. Pulp stock outlet consistency is up to 38% to 42% after Screw Press.

Plug Screw

Plug screw is designed to avoid escaping steam, thus reducing the steam consumption and improving the dispersing effect. The screw consists of an inlet chute tapered compression zone.


Thickened stock is shredded uniformly to increase the surface area of pulp stock. It helps steam to penetrate into pulp stock evenly.

Heater Mixer

Shredded stock heated up to 90°C to 100°C in Heater Mixer with the temperature control system. Steam nozzles are provided throughout the length of the Heater Mixer for uniform heating.


The Infeeder Screw feeds the stock uniformly to the disperser.


Parason Hot Disperser is designed for dispersing of the pulp stock at 30% consistency, 100°C, and gap control up to 0.01 mm accuracy with an electro-hydraulic arrangement. Designed for gentle treatment of fibers at high consistency and temperature, ensuring optimum development of fibers and dispersion of contaminants in microns, hence improving the aesthetic look of the pape


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