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Applications & Salient Features

Fibermizer is a screening machine used for reject handling. It is used for reject handling in coarse screening as well as fine screening where the number of rejects is more in quantity and contains fiber flakes.

The paper stock enters tangentially into the feed chamber. The action between the rotor blades and defibrating ring bars creates mechanical shear which breaks down larger fiber flakes and bundles before they enter the screening zone. Due to the reduction in size, fibers pass through the screen basket and leave the machine as accepted stock.

The rejects from the screen basket are discharged continuously from the reject nozzle. Due to differential pressure, a portion of the rejects is recirculated back in the feed chamber again to reclaim maximum fiber.


  • Max. fiber recovery & low power consumption
  • Effective reject handling
  • Useful where the size of flakes is bigger with plastics

Technical Specifications:

FML MODEL KW/RPM Pulp mill capacity (TPD)
45 45/1470 10-15
55 55/1470 15-25


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