Gravity Disc Thickener

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Working Principle

The Gravity Disc Thickener is a compact and virtually maintenance-free, Gravity Thickener can be adjusted according to process conditions such as throughput and inlet consistency. The pulp suspension is fed at a consistency of 0.9% to 2.5% to the inlet chamber into the vat in the same direction as disc rotation. Thickening capacity is ensured by the number of discs installed in the center shaft. The thickener vat level and outlet consistency are controlled by thickener speed through VFD.

The filtrate is discharged either at one or both shafts ends by gravity, depending on the thickener size. Gravity Thickener permits the installation of a large dewatering area in minimum floor space.

Applications & Salient Features

  • Extremely compact design for small floor space
  • Quality of Filtrate water
  • Efficient and reliable dewatering
  • Auto door opening
  • Easy and simple operation and maintenance-free
  • Fully assembled for minimum site erection

As Washer for

  • Deinked Pulp
  • Removal of fillers and fines from recycled fiber pulp

Technical Aspects & Operating Principles:

PARASON Pulp Thickening machines are constructed following the present state-of-the-art and recognized safety standards.

Parason Gravity Thickener is simple to install and easy to operate. No external controls are required as the operations are flexible. It has adjustable rotational speed and outlet weir height for accomodating large changes in operating parameters. Additional discs can be installed for incremental capacity increases. Small floor space provides a large dewatering area.

The Parason Gravity Thickener operates continuously and is used for dewatering or thickening paper pulps in the 0.5% to 3% density ranges. It houses large filtering areas in minimum space. The Gravity Thickener consists of several discs installed on a hollow shaft that moves in a vat full of pulp. Each disc consists of 4 segments covered with a filter mesh, whose outlets lead into the hollow shaft.

As the discs rotate, they lead the thickened pulp to an adjustable overflow weir for their removal through to the discharge box.

Operating principles

The pulp/water mixture enters the machine through the headbox. The water is filtered out by the disc filter and exits through the hollow shaft. The discs push the thickened pulp towards the discharge box, where a gate controls the level of the thickened pulp.

Main Specifications:

1 100-150 11 75
2 200-250 15 125
3 250-300 22 150


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