Redefining Excellence in Pulp Manufacturing

End-to-End, Full-Line Consulting, Manufacturing, and Engineering Services for Pulp Mills

Parason offers end-to-end services, covering every facet of pulp mill operations - from strategic consulting to precision manufacturing and cutting-edge engineering, we are your comprehensive partner in achieving operational excellence.

To put it into perspective, our services include everything from conceptualization, paper mill layout planning, foundation drawings, structural civil drawings, piping and instrumentation diagrams, to the erection and commissioning of the paper.

Parason Plant Layout Consulting Solutions
Plant Layout Consulting

From plot evaluation, layout planning and power requirement evaluation to instrumentation design and DCS engineering, our plant planning consultation adapts to your requirements to establish a baseline for optimal pulp production.

Parason Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions
Engineering and Manufacturing

Combining precision manufacturing with an extensive catalog of pulp making machinery, our state-of-the-art facilities build each element of your optimized manufacturing setup.

Parason Plant Setup and Erection Services
Plant Setup and Erection

From execution to delivery, we take complete responsibility for the successful setup and erection of your pulp manufacturing facility, ensuring quality production from launch day.

Precision Assessment for Operational Excellence

Our Pulp Mill Audit is a meticulous examination aimed at improving production capacity, optimizing process and machinery, and eliminating unnecessary costs.

 Parason Pulp Mill Audit is a meticulous examination aimed at improving production capacity, optimizing process and machinery.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: In-depth examination of processes, equipment, and performance with suggestions for optimal machinery and wear parts for smarter investments.
  • Extensive Audit Coverage: We undertake audits across your operations and infrastructure, ranging from process audits and machinery inspection to energy audits to environmental compliance checks.

Agro, Wood & Recycled Paper - Based

Parason caters to diverse pulp production needs, specializing in Agro Pulp Mills, Wood Pulp Mills, and those utilizing Recycled Paper.

  • Agro Pulp Mills: Precision machinery for processing agro-based feedstock.
  • Wood Pulp Mills: Tailored solutions for wood fiber processing.
  • Recycled Paper Mills: Efficient handling of recycled materials like old corrugated cartons, sack-kraft, and newsprint.

Machinery, Equipments, and Products Specific to Parason for Pulp Mills

Parason provides a comprehensive suite of machinery, equipment, and specialized products designed for optimal performance in pulp mills.

  • Pulpers: High-consistency pulpers for efficient material breakdown.
  • Screening Systems: Turbo separators, fractionators, and other screening solutions.
  • Refiners and Deflakers: Advanced refining technologies for improved pulp quality.
  • Wear Parts: Customized wear-resistant parts to minimize downtime.

At Parason, we go beyond industry standards, offering innovative solutions that redefine the pulp manufacturing landscape. Partner with us for a future of unparalleled efficiency, sustainability, and excellence in pulp production.

Operations & Maintenance, Production Optimization Services for Pulp Mills

Parason's Operations & Maintenance services are designed to enhance the overall efficiency of pulp mills, ensuring seamless production and minimal downtime.

  • Proactive Maintenance: Regular inspections and predictive maintenance.
  • Production Optimization: Streamlined processes for increased output.
  • Efficiency Enhancement: Continuous improvement strategies for sustained performance.
Parason's Operations & Maintenance services

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