How Diyan Papers achieves business success with Parason


Jane Doe

April 12, 2024

How Diyan Papers achieves business success with Parason

How Diyan Papers achieves business success with Parason

Diyan Papers LLP is a 21st Century’s prominent duplex paperboard manufacturing company with 100% recycled raw materials. Diyan Papers are equipped with modern infrastructure and skilled employees helping them to achieve a total production capacity of 95k – 100K TPA bundled in Greyback, Whiteback, and Whitetop Liner Paper and Boards.

Business Challenge

The Directors of Diyan Papers LLP decided to expand their ceramic business to the paperboard manufacturing with zero basics.

The challenge was, to begin with, core processing knowledge, equipment allocation, and complete project management. Diyan Papers LLP needed timely, precise guidance into work deployment and operational performance.

Business Solution

During this move to a completely new industry, Parason provided impeccable guidance on planning, executing, and establishing a solid paperboard manufacturing plant to Diyan Papers LLP entirely based on the recycling of scrap paper.

Thus, helping them to produce 100% eco-friendly papers emphasizing their green initiative.

Transformation Story

Initially, Diyan was planning to establish a new Ceramic plant in addition to their existing ceramic plants when it occurred to the Directors of the organization to step in the paperboard manufacturing industry instead.

Explaining his idea of moving to the paperboard manufacturing, the Director of Diyan Papers LLP, Mr. Manish Patel says,

working of the disc filters after the installation.

“Tile manufacturing is a daily process and once the white-collar production parameters are set, it is an ongoing process of relaxation without much changes to make.”

Therefore, they planned to start a paper mill on the next day.

The biggest challenge was understanding what was needed to establish a paper mill and where to begin the entire process.

Mr. Manish says,

“When I searched for some of the best pulp and paper machine suppliers, Parason was one of the best I knew. Parason was an unavoidable name.”

The Directors of Diyan Papers were entering into a huge project with no background knowledge. Parason was a guide and supporter of them in every aspect.

Praising the efforts taken by us to help them build a solid foundation for their project, he further says,

“We didn’t have any prior knowledge or experience on how to begin. Still, with the help of commendable guidance received from Parason, we decided to go for it.”

Diyan Papers chose Parason because of our huge experience in metallurgy and paper manufacturing. We were a trustable Indian partner. They had great confidence in us that we will be a reliable source to them.

We had the most skilled and experienced staff after all. When asked for the reason behind choosing Parason, Mr. Manish says,

“We chose Parason because Parason is an Indian manufacturer and had vast experience in this field with quintessential knowledge that we needed to establish a large scale business in the paper industry.”

The Diyan Papers professionalists did in-depth research on our manufacturing units and techniques. They studied the capabilities of machines thoroughly and then decided to go ahead with us.

“We reviewed their manufacturing techniques and their knowledgable teams were all that we required to set up our plant.”, he adds.

Diyan was a newbie to the paper industry and it was our responsibility to make the process at an ease for them.

We provided support to them in all manners. We were only told the required quality of the end product and the quantity of manufacturing. It was our call to decide what type of machines to install.

The Director’s of Diyan Papers had left all the machines installation responsibility on us and have trusted us for the positive results.

“We were completely blank without any questions or doubts as we were new to this field. Parason team guided us in every aspect right from making us aware of what things we need to produce our required paper. We simply informed them that we needed this quality of paper in 200 TPD quantity. And told them to install whatever machines were required.”, he says.

Parason is one of the best pulp and paper machine manufacturing industries in India. The Directors of Diyan were aware of this fact and didn’t have much to debate about. We were to take care of everything they needed to produce papers.

“We didn’t feel the need for bargaining as we knew that Parason was going to do the best for us. They took care of everything. They installed all the necessary machines and all other equipment as per our end product requirement.”, Mr. Manish adds.


Parason has supplied a complete pulp line to Diyan Papers and has established an entire pulp mill for them. We had them backed up till their first end product was rolled out.

The Directors of Diyan Papers are extremely satisfied with the performance of our machines and spare parts.

Complimenting our efforts and the working of our machines, Mr. Manish Patel further says,

“We have a complete pulp line machines of Parason right from the pulper to the end equipment. All the machines and spare parts that are required to produce the pulp are supplied by Parason. They have given us complete support from the beginning till our end product which we demanded was rolled out.”

Parason has played a major role in the quality enhancement of the products produced by Diyan.

Diyan is producing its papers at a large scale today with advancements of functionalities and planning to expand its production for high scale exports.