Eco Tech Papers compliments Parason Disc Filter & Dispersion System


Jane Doe

April 12, 2024

Eco Tech Papers compliments Parason Disc Filter & Dispersion System

Good reviews make up great success stories! We are pleased to receive an appreciation letter from Eco Tech Papers for our Disc Filter and Dispersion System.

Products Used: Parason Disc Filter, Parason Hot Dispersion System

Business Challenge

Eco Tech Papers, a newly set up paper mill in Assam approached Parason Machinery to help them with Disc Filter & Dispersion System. The paper mill was focused on developing the aesthetic properties and strength of their paper. The current pulp included specs and impurities due to which the quality of the paper was getting damaged. The challenge was also to reduce the water and heat consumption in the manufacturing process.

Business Solution

Parason for Disc Filters and Dispersion System was installed in the mill to produce good quality and consistent slurry. Parason Disc Filters in combination with the Hot Dispersion System was the perfect solution to the challenge.

Transformation Story

About 7 years ago, Eco Tech Papers approached Parason Machinery and explained their need for generating uniform slurry to manufacture more strong and smooth paper. Our research and development examined the complete process of manufacturing from the raw materials to the finished paper. A decision was made to install Parason Disc Filters and Hot Dispersion System.

The set-up stood out and enhanced the filtrate quality of the pulp. A huge amount of freshwater and heat consumption was reduced to certain levels. All the minute impurities and specks in the pulp were removed and a clean and dirt-free stock was produced.


Parason machines are working at the Eco Tech Paper Mill for the last 7 years and have improved the quality and strength of the paper with minimum maintenance & smooth performance.

We recently received a letter from the Eco Tech Papers Partner, Mr. Pradeep Jain complimenting the performance of our Disc Filters and Hot Dispersion System. In the performance letter, Mr. Pradeep Jain said,

“We are pleased to inform you that, since last seven years the unit of Parason Disc Filter and Parason Dispersion System is working in our Eco Tech Papers.

These units have been working more or less maintenance-free and smooth in the performance.

The Parason Disc Filter and Dispersion System have improved the quality and strength of the paper using these systems”

We look forward to a healthy bond and wish Eco Tech Papers a great future.

About Eco Tech Papers

Eco Tech Papers is a Kamalpur (Guwahati, Assam) based paper mill established in 2014. Eco Tech Papers is renowned as one of the finest manufacturers of 100% recycled and eco-friendly multilayered Kraft Paper with a huge client base across the entire India.