Improving Quality and Strength of Paper for Leading Paper Mill through Innovative Disc Filter and Dispersion Systems


Jane Doe

April 12, 2024

Improving Quality and Strength of Paper for Leading Paper Mill through Innovative Disc Filter and Dispersion Systems

India’s Eco Tech Papers installs Parason Disc Filters and Dispersion Systems to develop aesthetically appealing, high-quality paper.

Established in 2014, Eco Tech Papers is an Indian paper mill located in the state of Assam, renowned as one of the leading manufacturers of 100% recycled and eco-friendly multi layer Kraft Paper with a tremendous client base across the Indian sub-continent. 

The Challenge

Despite the best efforts of Eco Tech Papers to develop the most aesthetically appealing and high-quality paper, they found themselves falling short of the manufacturing and quality standards they aspired to achieve. 

Within their manufacturing processes lay a problem that affected the quality of one of the fundamental components of their paper manufacturing process – the pulp. Their extracted pulp contained high specs and impurities, which directly affected the quality of the paper they produced. The manufacturing process also consumed a high amount of heat and water.

Diving into the Root of the Problem

Although their challenges were clear, Eco Tech Papers had to identify why they faced these problems before seeking a solution. For that, they would first have to identify what was affecting the quality and consistency of the pulp slurry. 

Analysis revealed that their troubles began at the early fiber separation phase, where the fiber needed to be properly separated from the water to form the filtered cake of pulp. Not only was this process inefficient, it also wasted a lot of water. 

Adding to their list of concerns, they also needed to efficiently separate the remaining moisture content from the pulp for quicker drying. Their current process took too long, leading to a considerable increase in their energy consumption. 

Seeking the Right Solution

Without wasting any time, Eco Tech Papers immediately contacted Parason Machinery, a leading machinery manufacturer and supplier for the pulp and paper industry, to assist in achieving their quality and sustainability goals. 

The companies collectively strategized to find a solution to the question at hand – What should Eco Tech Papers do to sustainably conserve water and energy in their pulp manufacturing process and exact a higher quality yield while doing so?

Parason's research and development team examined the complete manufacturing process, from the raw materials to the finished paper, before advising Eco Tech Papers to install Parason's Disc Filters and Hot Dispersion System. Why? 

The existing systems urgently needed to be replaced with an innovative solution that could effectively improve how water was harnessed and utilized during manufacturing. Parason and Eco Tech Papers concurred that the limited capabilities of the existing equipment prolonged the dewatering process while accelerating the consumption of energy and water.

Transformation Story

Once both companies aligned themselves on what must be done, Parason quickly delivered, and installed the advanced Disc Filter and Dispersion System at the Eco Tech Papers mill. 

The innovative Disc Filter not only sped up fiber separation, but its multiple rotating discs significantly reduced the moisture content in the pulp, improving its preparation for subsequent processing stages. There was a dramatic reduction in moisture levels when compared with their previous disc filter. As a result, Eco Tech Papers could instantly manufacture a consistent slurry that could be used to create strong and smooth paper. 

Processing also became a lot faster, resulting in reduced energy consumption. Furthermore, the water that passed through the disc was collected, recycled, and reused to cut down any wastage. 

The recycled water collected from Parason's Disc Filter at the separation stage created a positive environmental impact, allowing them to meet their sustainability goals seamlessly. 

Consistent Performance through the Years

Today, Parason's machines continue to run successfully and improve the quality and strength of the paper produced at Eco Tech Papers. The equipment continues to provide smooth performance with minimal maintenance requirements. Parason also recently received appreciation from Eco Tech Papers on the performance of their Disc Filters and Hot Dispersion System.

"We are pleased to inform you that, for the last seven years, the unit of Parason Disc Filter and Parason Dispersion System has been working in our Eco Tech Papers with more or less maintenance-free and smooth in performance."

Pradeep Jain, Partner at Eco Tech Papers.
Disc Filter in combination with hot dispersion

Ultimately, Parason's Disc Filters and Dispersion System enabled Eco Tech Papers to achieve a consistently high-quality yield of pulp by enhancing the filtrate quality of the pulp. Parason's equipment also helped Eco Tech Papers to reduce a considerable amount of their water and heat consumption while removing all the minute impurities in the pulp to give way to a clean and dirt-free stock.