Parason Disc Filter’s Exceptional Performance At Banwari Paper Mills Ltd.


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April 12, 2024

Parason Disc Filter’s Exceptional Performance At Banwari Paper Mills Ltd.

Banwari Paper Mills is involved in the production of paper and paper products by recycling used materials since 1980.

Business Challenge

Banwari Paper Mills needed the Poly Disc Filters that could attain a specific throughput with the provision of increasing further in the future. The existing filtrates were cloudy and very unclear. Therefore, a superior filter was needed to obtain more clear filters.

Business Solution

A complete analysis of raw material was done to understand the specification requirements of disc filters as the mill produces by recycling mechanism. Disc filters with balanced water and contaminant removal were supplied to obtain the required quality of pulp.

Transformation Story

It was a year ago when the Banwari Paper Mill approached us for the Parason Disc Filters formerly known as Poly Disc Filters.

The company has been manufacturing paper for the past 32 years, producing 100% recycled papers, therefore serving the green initiative. Their paper is high bulk paper and is used for copy manufacturing as well as printing. The factory is situated in Kashipur, Uttrakhand.

The mill was facing issues in the cleanliness of the pulp. The pulp obtained by their filters was not clear and produced a cloudy and fuzzy mixture. It was necessary to install higher quality disc filters with properties to obtain contaminant-free pulp.

Banwari Paper Mills approached Parason for the stock preparation machines. Our technicians examined the entire requirements set and worked out for designing the exact filters that were suitable for the raw materials.

The Parason Disc Filter prepared for the mill was of size 3.7 Dia 10/12. The disc filter satisfied the pulp cleanliness requirements in all manners.


Parason Disc Filters proved to be very essential in obtaining a clear, clean, and smooth pulp for manufacturing the best quality of papers. The performance of our equipment was very satisfactory. Mentioning the competent performance of our disc filters, the managing director of Banwari Paper Mills Ltd., Mr. Jasbir Singh Goraya said,

“The Poly Disc Filter (PDF) size 3.7 Dia 10/12 has been in use for the past 11 months and we are happy to inform you that its performance is found to be very satisfactory. We have attained the specified throughput with the provision for increasing further in the future. The clarity of cloudy and clear filtrates are as per the purchase order.”

They also congratulated Parason for developing this equipment and manufacturing it to international standards.

About Banwari Paper Mills

Banwari Paper Mills Limited is a private pulp and paper mill based in Uttarakhand, India. The authorized share capital is about 100 thousand crores. The mill focuses on manufacturing paper and paper products.
Faces behind the successful operations of Banwari Paper Mill: Livleen Goraya, Jasleen Goraya, Jasbir Singh Goraya