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April 12, 2024

Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited

Parason Screen Baskets at par performance in TNPL for METSO Screens

Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL) is a leading enterprise in Tamil Nadu in the manufacturing industry of Paper Boards and Cement.
Parason screen basket performance

Business Challenge

The challenge was to design the type of screen baskets that would suit the manufacturing needs of METSO Screen models that are used in mining operations to separate rocks, ores, etc. by size, shapes, and other characteristics.

Business Solution

Parason designed perfect screen baskets as per the order that would efficiently perform the tasks with required qualities of high performance, safety-driven design, fit for durable operation, maintenance-friendly, and cost-efficient.

Transformation Story

TNPL is one of the biggest paper products manufacturers in India. TNPL has been an old client to Parason. The firm approached us for Screen Baskets that would help them in the making of METSO Screen Model DC 10.

TNPL had a list of the requirements of qualities for the screen baskets that would improve the performance. The METSO Screens are typically used for mining operations to distinguish sand/rocks and other ores by their characteristics like size, shape, etc.

Therefore the need was to develop screen baskets that would have all the qualities from the ability to withstand the pressure and deliver well-screened material.

Parason did a detailed study and analysis of the requirement and evaluated the properties of the screen baskets before beginning the production. The plan was to produce the screen baskets with

  • Greater separation properties
  • Enhanced screening efficiency
  • Less power consumption
  • Higher accuracy

We manufactured the screen baskets as per their needs and the consignment was delivered at the promised time.


The screen baskets were installed in TNPL for the manufacturing of METSO Screen Model DC 10. The baskets performed extremely well and at very satisfactory levels. The output received was exactly the way they wanted it to be.

We received a letter from TNPL in which they appreciated the performance and working of our screen baskets. The DGM of Pulping Department, Mr. C.N. Sudarsan wrote,

“We hereby inform that M/S Parason Machinery India Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad, Maharashtra had supplied the Screen Basket for our METSO Screen Model DC 10 as per our order. We had installed it in our pulp mill and found giving satisfactory performance. The performance of their basket was at par with imported baskets and repeat order was placed on them.”

TNPL also placed multiple repeated orders for the same product because of its consistent best performance.

The trust of our clients in us is a huge driving factor for the success of our industry. We have gained numerous consistent clients worldwide because of our excellent product quality and performance.

About TNPL

Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL) is a Government enterprise located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. TNPL is one of the highest capacity paper producing industry with around 400,000 TPA of writing and printing papers.
The Company has acquired a name as a pre-eminent player of paper manufacturing with a world-wide creditability in the trade with a Paper Board plant as well as a Cement plant.