Parason Highlights Of Kaizen Teian


Jane Doe

April 12, 2024

Parason Highlights Of Kaizen Teian

Our services are growing day by day, and so are we. Parason is extremely proud to announce that we are launching our monthly newsletter, “The OpEx Times”, for our beloved family.

The letter will cover the monthly happenings in and around Parason. We have made a huge success in the industry. And happiness doubles when you share it. So giving it a thought, we decided to start a monthly newsletter which would cover our stories and happenings in the organization.

Here we present you the first newsletter of Parason covering the events occurred in August 2019. It contains the rewards & recognitions for the employees, success highlights of the Kaizen Teian, highlights of August 2019, Kaizen story and a lovely message from the Director’s Desk.

We hope you enjoy the reading and stay connected to the organization in an even better way.