Parason introduces Ansys mechanical and fluent


Jane Doe

April 12, 2024

Parason introduces Ansys mechanical and fluent

In this competitive world, simulation is an important tool for design and operational jobs. It is the best way to find the quick and accurate results in the designs and manufacturing.

Parason employees were offered with free tutorials on the Ansys Mechanical & Fluent Courses. The ANSYS is an advanced course that covers the modeling strategies for fluid and mechanical structure communication applications using Ansys Fluent & Ansys Mechanical. The course covered setup, solutions, and convergence of one-way as well as two-way FSI simulations.

The course was targeted for Engineers and Designers. Video Seminars and tutorials were delivered to the employees and computer practical sessions were arranged to validate acquired knowledge. The course syllabus included components like 3D Design, Electromagnetics, Embedded Software, Fluids, Optical, Platform, Semiconductors, Structures, Systems.

The main objective of the course was to introduce employees to mechanical and fluid dynamics analysis tools, ANSYS MECHANICAL, and ANSYS FLUID. Employees learned the CFD fundamentals as well as the embedded software.

Employees were made aware of the importance of simulation tools and solving real-world problems using them.

The main outcome of this course is to help employees solve their queries and developing a better understanding of the mechanical and fluid dynamics involved in real-world scenarios.