Say NO to single-use plastic with Parason


Jane Doe

April 12, 2024

Say NO to single-use plastic with Parason

Say NO to single use plastic with Parason

When the Prime Minister urges the citizens of its country to dedicate ourself in making India plastic-free, it is our duty to be a part of the initiative.

We at Parason, develop solutions that help to yield products that replace the single-use plastic. Our solutions are developed with the latest tools and technologies that serve the root cause of making India plastic-free.

India is an agricultural country. A lot of agricultural waste is produced every day. Parason provides solutions that would turn the agricultural leftovers like bagasse, wheat-straws, etc. into disposable tableware.

Our tableware manufacturing machines are built for producing fibre moulded products like disposable plates, cups, containers, bowls, food packaging boxes, etc.

We aim to manufacture better and cheaper products that would make India self-reliant and free from single-use plastic.