Young Business Leader of The Year - Madhure S Desarda


Jane Doe

April 12, 2024

Young Business Leader of The Year - Madhure S Desarda

Young business leaders of the Indian economy impress the world through their thought-provoking and innovative ideas. Global corporations are recognizing the potential of young Indian talent.

To celebrate the emerging Indian talent and businesses across the country, Dare 2 Dream Awards 2021 was recently announced. The Indian business award show was hosted by TV9 Network in association with SAP India. It was their third edition of the awards.

At the award show Mr. Madhure S. Desarda, Director of Parason Machinery Pvt. Ltd., won the Young Business Leader of The Year award. After receiving the award, He thanked TV9 Bharatvarsh and the SAP India team.

Further in his award speech, Mr. Madhure proudly shared details about Parason Machinery’s global presence the growth of the organization. He commended the overall manufacturing growth of India.

He deliberately shared companies slogan, “Cheaper than China, Better Than China.” He addressed all the other event attendees and requested to prepare for the competition against China. He is a proponent of India first approach and stands by his beliefs.

He also spoke about the emergence of eCommerce and online delivery systems in India during the pandemic period. Most of the Paper delivery packages you all received are in some way or another linked to Parason Machinery, and that makes him feel proud.

On a personal note, He also remembered the visionary founder and his grandfather Dr. Champalalji Desarda.

Mr. Madhure S Desarda dedicated the Young Business Leader of The Year Award to all the 1500+ employees of the Parason family.