Best Quality Paper Machine Manufacturing Company


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January 12, 2024

Best Quality Paper Machine Manufacturing Company

A paper mill is a factory of papermaking

Parason is one of the leading industries in paper machine manufacturing. Founded in 1977, Parason has developed itself from a small foundry to a large industry and has consistently been a trusted supplier for paper making machines and the machinery parts.

Paper machine manufacturing is a very critical process and involves the support of highly talented engineers and co-workers. Paper machines are mainly pulp and paper machines, in which, the paper is manufactured out of the pulp. The machines are composed of various subparts like pulper, refiner, cleaner, screener, thickener, disperser, deflaker, agitator, reject handler, etc. These parts are divided into different categories. Each category part is designed differently by our highly qualified designers to serve its aiming purpose.

While manufacturing a paper making machine, there are several fields to be paid attention to. The efficiency of the machine, quality of material, frequency, handling time, delays, pause time, breakthrough time, etc. The process is continuous and carries itself on step after step. The pulp and paper machine focuses on the recycling of paper, textiles, cellulose, plastic, e-waste to manufacture new paper. The machines can manufacture different types of paper for different purposes like kraft paper, packaging paper, notebook paper, decoration paper, corrugation paper, gelatin, etc.

Along with the manufacturing of machinery, Parason is also a trusted supplier for the machinery parts, also called as spare parts. We have been a committed vendor to the paper mills since 1977. The spare parts are designed and manufactured with keen observations and used at times of machine breakdown.

Parason is a global consultancy service and we are in support of encouraging new paper mills to set up while helping existing paper mills to achieve even greater heights. Parason is an international consultancy with its consultants based in Germany, Europe, and the USA.

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