Biodegradable Tableware Making Machine


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January 12, 2024

Biodegradable Tableware Making Machine

It is essential to understand how biodegradable goods are manufactured and what processes are involved in the production of biodegradable products. The Parason Molded Fiber Production Line focuses on a complete set of techniques designed to produce environmentally friendly molded fiber products from bagasse.

Bagasse can make various products, including food cups, paper plates, curry bowls, and pressed cups. It may also be used for packagings, such as food packaging, sensitive item packaging, and gardening, with suitable molding.

Parason develops and sells the best Biodegradable Tableware Making Machines and required molds that will produce high-quality items for you.

A typical tableware plant necessitates several machines. Parason offers a complete set of machinery for your tableware line plant. Any standard tableware plant has the following stages;

Stage 1 – Pulping:

In this stage, raw materials are pulped, including bagasse and recyclable materials. A high-quality slurry is suitable for fabricating molded fiber products obtained in the pulping phase.

Stage 2 – Molding Section:

Once the pulping has passed through the machine, it adjusts the mold to make the specific items you require. The mold was shipped for drying and heating of the pulp.

Stage 3 – Drying:

The wet pulp product is transferred to the drying area to be dried. Heat is used to dry the goods.

Stage 4 – Trimming:

At the trimming stage, the produced tableware products are trimmed to perfection. For trimming, you can use our Edge Trimming Machine. It provides molded fiber with a precise edge finish. This heavy-duty machine is suitable for a wide variety of dinnerware goods and can operate independently.

Stage 5 – Packaging and Stacking:

The items are stacked and packaged in a manner that prevents harm. This technique does not involve technology. However, it is commonly automated to achieve perfection.

Parason Biodegradable Tableware Production Line Machine was created in response to the rising demand for disposable and eco-friendly tableware. With its exact design and long life, the machine ensures top-quality output.

How can we assist you with Parason Fiber Molding Line?

Manual or automated operation of the Parason Fiber Molding Machine is possible. The machine’s water and pulp contact components are made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion and prolong machine life. The machine has in-mold drying. The machine is compatible with both electric and thermal oil heating.

The Parason Fiber Mold Machine also has an infrared sensor for the operator’s safety. The machine assures consistent quality.
Our Trimming System can produce molded fiber goods with exact dimensions—a heavy-duty machine designed for long-term use. The machine is appropriate for a wide range of molded fiber items and stand-alone applications.
The PLC system controls the Parason Forming Machine to ensure consistent pulp pouring. This aids in the regular formation of the extruded fiber output.

Our finely designed molds include skirts that prevent leakage of slurry leakage.  In the mold, it has one forming part and two drying portions. Low mold change time and stand-alone applications are available. Our Pulp Line Machines are perfect for making molded fiber packaging for food storage and transportation.

An integrated sensor present in the machine helps to count strokes, which aids in the understanding of the operators’ efficiency. A product-specific stroke height may be adjusted using the sensor.  It’s highly reliable because of its compact and sturdy design.

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