Cardboard Recycling Machine


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January 12, 2024

Cardboard Recycling Machine

Cardboard is a general term for paper products having a greater thickness and better strength. It is a type of paper that contains qualities such as foldability, stiffness, rigidness, and shock resistance. Cardboards are of different thickness ranging from paperboard (that is little thickness) to corrugated fiberboard ( which is made of multiple layers giving higher thickness).

Mostly all types of cardboard can be recyclable. There are some boards that are laminated or wax-coated or made waterproof are often difficult to recycle. Cardboards that are chemical-free are easy to recycle. Cardboards are recycled for industrial and domestic use. Boards that have plastic-coated film, or lamination covering, should be first made free from the coverings and then treated for recycling.

Cardboard Recycling Machines are high capacity machines that can intake a high volume of cardboard at a time. The process of cardboard recycling is as follows –

Collection Of Cardboard Recycle Materials:

This first step involved in cardboard recycling is the collection of cardboard boxes, sheets, etc. This material is collected from sources like offices, schools, hospitals, etc. This collected luggage is transported to the recycling centers. The recycling centers are paper mills where different types of paper are produced.


When the collected material arrives at the recycling center (paper mill), it is sorted according to the type of material. Cardboard is mainly differentiated into corrugated cardboard and boxboard. Boxboard is a little thinner than cardboard. Corrugated boxes are bigger in size and stronger than regular boxes. They are commonly used for packaging purposes in the transportation of goods. Sorting is an important process since paper mills manufacture different forms of items based on the materials being supplied.


Cardboard is also made up of fibers that are obtained from plants. Therefore they can be turned into pulp. This process is called pulping. The pulp is formed when boxes are allowed to soak in water. Chemicals are added to the mixture of water and corrugated boxes in the pulping process. The pulp that is formed is then mixed with some fibers to make new paper. Parason manufactured Pulping Machines are used worldwide in this pulping process.

Filtering and De-Inking

The pulp is a mixture of recycled and non-recycled raw materials. However, there will be some foreign objects present in the mixture which make it inappropriate to be processed further. For example, glue, tape needs to be removed using filters. Thereafter, any colors that are present in the pulp are removed by bleaching and de-inking process.


In this step, the pulp is ready to be transferred in the desired shape. Virgin paper materials are added to the pulp and it is allowed for drying. Drying is done on a conveyor belt or table. In the drying process, the material goes through a dryer machine where all the excess water is extracted and the final shape is given.

This is the general process of cardboard recycling.

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