Buy Superior Performance Carpet Recycling Machine


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January 12, 2024

Buy Superior Performance Carpet Recycling Machine

Recycling has gained a lot of importance in today’s world. Resources are on the verge of extinction. Hence, recycling old and used products and turning them into new and useful items is of the utmost importance to mankind. Recycling can be termed as an art in which old and used waste materials are turned into new and useful articles.

Several household and industrial products can be recycled. Carpet is one of the most used items in domestic as well as industrial places. Carpet recycling is a concept of a similar kind. In carpet recycling, the old and used carpet is collected from domestic/industrial wastes and turned into pulp. Here, the pulp is referred to as a mixture of water and scraped carpet. This pulp further undergoes several operations to finally produce a unique useful product.

Carpet manufacturing uses old carpet as a recycling unit to manufacture new ones. Carpets are made from huge fibers like wool, nylon, polyester or other types of plastics and chemicals. The recycling of carpets is a long process. The process is carried out in different steps with the help of machines.

The recycling machines have several sub-parts like refiners, dispensers, boilers, cleaners, separators, pulverizers, etc. Each part is designed to satisfy a particular purpose of its own. Recycling machines have made the act of recycling an easy process.

One of our clients “Carpet Recycling UK”, use Parason Machinery for producing carpets. The firm focuses on developing new carpets out of old ones. Recently, they were awarded a trophy of ‘Reuse Members of the Year 2019’. The firm has been collecting used carpet tiles for over 13 years. In last year, they re-used around 1,80,000 carpet tiles i.e. approximately 225 tonnes. The firm focuses on developing carpets that can be easily recycled. Parason is extremely happy for their client’s success and wishes them a bright future ahead.

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