Claflin Fillings


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January 12, 2024

Claflin Fillings

Parason Claflin Fillings

The Claflin fillings are cast stainless steel offers superior performance in the development of fiber, long life of the fillings ensuring better company.

Our Claflin fillings have multiple designs that can fulfill your mill requirement of the machine.

Claflin filling gives the exact same results to the pulp as required. It completes the line of beater bars and bed plates.

Claflin filling gives various benefits to the machine. It has uniform fiber treatment. Economic refining has a long period. It has the capacity to bear a severe shock in some cases.

It has worn of plug and shell knives and units of maximum structural streng

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Parason is the paper pulp making machine. Parason is a leading company in India that serves efficient pulp machines throughout the world. Parason machines and its spare parts are made by their own foundry such as steel. The machines are easy in installation and give efficient results. Parason machines are made of stainless steel, which helps machine live longer and it reduce the damages in the machine.

Most of the Parason machines work in water; therefore the machines must be made from stainless steel. Parason machines are supplied to various countries in the world strength of the machine is the necessary factor to yield pulp, are increasing the requirement of the people for Parason machine.

Parason offers cast conical filling for all models of JC-0 refiners. Large number of patterns with thick to thin bars suitable for different refining applications is available at Parson. The fillings are with Parason innovation ERPTM property which ensures efficient refining life with lower energy consumption. Parason can fulfil the demand of the industry irrespective of size and model with custom designs.

The stainless steel offer superior performance in the development of fiber, long life of the fillings ensuring better economy. Compact design and low energy consumption ensure extreme durability for mechanical components and fillings alike. Claflin fillings are easy to use and maintain. It is robust and extremely efficient.

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