Claflin Refiner Bematec


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January 12, 2024

Claflin Refiner Bematec

Best Buy Claflin Refiner Bematec Equipment Designed for The Global Pulp & Paper Industry

Claflin refiner is basically used for beating long fiber pulp such as cotton, hemp, and wood. The Claflin is mainly used for coarse and fine refining of pulp, broke paper, recycled pulp. Claflin refiner is applied for continuously pulping wood pulp, mechanical pulp, cotton pulp, waste paper pulp, etc. it has the feature of cutting the fiber into fine particles which can be used for pulping process and can give exact quality pulp. Claflin has a constant power control system, the beating effect is stable. Claflin refiner provides optimum fiber treatment on all the materials. The Claflin refiner that can be adapted to virtually any raw material, which is suitable for a wide variety of applications. The Claflin can produce homogeneous stock for the best quality product at the lowest cost of operation. It is the adaptable conical refiner available.

Claflin Refiner Bematec Equipment’s

Parason is the most leading company in producing Claflin refiner. We develop, designs, markets and provides after sales service for machinery. Parason Group is an expert in its field. We produce stock refiners used specially to the pulp, paper, treat textile fibers for applications including the manufacture of highly refined papers such as Kraft, Tissue, Writing Printing and Hard Board Papers. Parason Group has specialization in Claflin refiner which has the specific capabilities that enable the company to sell over 1000 machines all over the world. Parason products are used for all types of special pulp & papers and specific fibers. Parason manufactures the products that have the capabilities to produce a paper pulp that recycle the textiles such as cotton, hemp linen, and jute. Parason machines are designed in such a way that they can produce the treatment for cellulose fibers by cutting them, as well as fibrillating and hydrating them. Some machines are highly versatile, as Claflin is the best machine for cutting very long fibers. Each machine has specific features, even though each one carries the same purpose of functioning.

Parason is committed to maintaining the highest standards in terms of customer service and product quality. Parason is part of a streamlined organization aiming to meet customer’s needs. Parason serves better maintenance of the product while at the same time pursuing on-going technological development. It serves technical assistance, process support, design, modification, retrofitting, repair, manufacture, etc. Parason supply the complete range of original spare parts, after sale services and fillings for the Claflin refiners as well as for other disk refiners and shallow-angle conical refiners. Bematec has proved its efficiency and quality in the global pulp and paper industry.

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