Corrugated Box Recycling Machine With Variable Production Capacity


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January 12, 2024

Corrugated Box Recycling Machine With Variable Production Capacity

Most of the corrugated boxes are manufactured from recycled paper in the corrugated box recycling machine. Corrugated boxes are the most used packaging material because they are strong, robust, and make transportation of items easy.

Corrugated boxes come in different sizes and shapes and are manufactured with mold machines according to the requirements. Corrugated boxes or carton boxes are made from cardboard which is just several layers of paper pasted on each other. Corrugated box recycling machines are very similar to cardboard recycling machines.

The majority of the corrugated boxes are manufactured by recycling old and used paper as they naturally possess strength and weight handling properties.

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Why are corrugated boxes recycled?

Generally, corrugated boxes become weak after one use. Therefore, instead of throwing them away, they are sent for recycling. Recycling corrugated boxes produce new corrugated boxes that can be used again for packaging, void fillers, etc. as per their capacity.
As there is a constant need for corrugated boxes in the market for packaging. A high number of corrugated boxes are already present in the market. And after one or two uses, these boxes are considered scrap and are sent for recycling. Therefore, corrugated box recycling is a very convenient way of manufacturing new boxes.

What is required for corrugated box recycling?

If you are planning to start a new plant for corrugated box recycling, here are the basic things that are required for manufacturing recycled corrugated boxes:

Scrap Corrugated Boxes: The first-most thing that you will require for corrugated box recycling is old and used corrugated boxes/cardboard boxes.

Recycling Place: There should be enough space to set up a plant with all the machinery and equipment. You should have adequate place to store the raw material and for operating. It is better if you have your own place or else you can rent a place for setting up the corrugated box recycling plant.

Infrastructure: Appropriate infrastructure should be available for proper working and storage. The place should be secured from rain and wind and should be strong enough to face natural calamities.

Workforce: Workforce is the basic need for all businesses. What differentiates your paper mill from others is a good human resource. You need skilled and efficient people to work for you. People should possess good knowledge and should be willing to do the hard work.

Machines and Equipment: Finally, you need excellent machines, tools, and equipment. Machines and equipment are the most crucial factor because they are going to decide the quality of the final product. Try to get the best machines that are available.

Which Corrugated Box Recycling Machines should you get?

Different components in a recycling machine are used for different purposes like pulping, mixing, compressing, grinding, melting, drying, screening, etc. Choosing the correct corrugated box recycling machine is very important. You don’t want to get stuck with a machine that is not producing enough and also not something that is producing more than you need.

You need a machine that is producing exactly how much you want with the exact quality that you need. Your machine should fulfill the high and low volume operations. All machines have a certain production capacity. Select the machine that fits your quantity requirements.

Selecting machines that fit in your place is another main thing. Today, lots of new technologies have developed machines that have compact designs and shapes and can fit in narrow spaces. Some machines acquire space horizontally and some of them acquire vertical space.

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