Deflaker Disc


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January 12, 2024

Deflaker Disc

Parason Deflaker Disc

Deflaker combines the features of a fixed deflaker disc set and a mating rotating set mounted to a head which is coupled to a drive motor. The distance between the mating ring sets is fixed at installation, resulting in a more uniform clearance between the rotor and stator sets producing uniform low energy deflaking without the introduction of additional refining.

Deflaker disc is a completely removable and re-buildable rotating assembly for ease of maintenance and increased reliability and a hinged access door for easy access to the deflaking cavity for filling changes without requiring the disconnection of either the stock inlet or outlet lines.


  • Made of Stainless steel
  • Various filling designs available for specialized applications
  • Rotor removal arm
  • Additional mechanical seal options are available

Parason machines are manufactured in India and supplied to various countries in the world. More than 40 years Parason is manufacturing and supplying paper pulp machine equipment deflaker disc and its spare parts. Spare parts are the important factor of the machine as it provides strength to the product. Also, it reduces the load on the machine. Spare parts consume less energy and work continuously.

Parason deals in deflaker disc and supplies it to the clients or the customers. Parason serves quality machines that give flexibility as well as long lasting life to the product. It has an efficient turbulent flow due to conical fillings.

Parason Deflaker Disc Perfect Solution for Paper Mill

Hole type

Hole type deflaker includes 3disc deflakers. Therefore, it is called as Parason Tri disc deflakers. It is a high speed deflaker, need primarily for deflaking market pulp and various kinds of breakages to obtain high quality product and better strength characteristics. Fiber bundles and flakes are completely deflaked into individual fibers by hydro-dynamic shock waves created with high quality deflaker discs, which rotates at a high speed of 1500 to3000 RPM. In hole type deflaker pulp stock freeness is slightly increased, but deflaking contributes to the uniformity of sheets. It substantially improves the strength and formation of the stock.

Conical Deflaker

In this type of deflaker, pulp gets more area to deflake as the rotor and stator is designed in conical shape. More area gives more output. Conical deflaker consumes less power as compared to other types of deflaker. Parason has designed innovative features in deflaker. There is no loss in fiber while deflaking. There are less shortening and more fibrillation. There is consistent deflaking due to online gap adjustment with respect to current drawn. The deflaking action takes place in 3 steps gradually.

Ring Type Deflaker

The pulp stock introduced centrally into the deflaker; pass through the gap between the rotor and stator and teeth of each ring towards the outlet. The rotating disc at high speed creates strong turbulence and hydro-dynamic stock waves and the fiber bundles and flakes while passing through the gap between teeth of rotor and stator of release the bonds between individual fiber under the impact of high frequency waves and frictions. The fillings are manufactured with all over the machined surface which gives better deflaking effect on the fiber. Depending on furnish and required differing efficiency the outer most rings size is selected and the gap between rotor and stator is adjusted by shims.

Deflaker disc help to grind the various kind of fiber into pieces. Depending on the strength of the fiber deflaker puts pressure on the pulp. Deflaker also removes the dirt and impurities from the pulp.

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