Disperser Disc


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January 12, 2024

Disperser Disc

Buy Best Disperser Disc To Get Quality of Pulp

Parason is specialist in disperser disc the leading paper pulp making machine in India. It supplies paper pulp machine and its spare parts to various countries in the world. Parason manufacture, supply, and export the pulp machine to paper industries and working with ample of experienced engineers from more than 40 years. Parason manufactures the disperser disc in various designs and metallurgy, as per the industry needs. Parason machines have various patterns, bar design, and custom design plates. Verified by experts in machines has designed a disc that can fit in any paper machine easily.

Disperser disc is the disc that has a major intended purpose of hot dispersion is to render ink specks invisible and not cause residual specks. That may reduce the perceived value of the pulp.

It modifies the fiber quality by removing the impurities in pulp by putting pressure on it. Disperser disc removes the ink from the fiber to give efficient results.

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Parason machine is designed in such a way that it can manufacture pulp only from the waste fiber. Waste fiber like office paper, cardboard, newspaper, which is recycled to discharge fiber material. Waste fiber is recycled with the help of Parason machines. Parason machines have their spare parts that can separate the impurities from the pulp. As the waste fiber is recycled, it contains the impurities like, dust, ink, shives and other plastic material that can damage the pulp as well as the machine. Disperser disc help to separate the ink from the pulp. Separation of ink is important, because it may ruin the quality of paper and color as well.

Paper is manufactured by the cellulose fiber excreted from the fiber material. Wood, paper, cardboard fiber is crushed in the machine and cellulose fiber is taken out of the fiber, due to which the paper gets flexibility and strength. Cellulose fiber gives white color to the paper automatically. If the ink is not removed from the pulp the results may get in the different form and the product is wasted.

Also, the ink contains a chemical that may reduce the strength of pulp. Therefore, it is necessary to remove ink from pulp. Disperser disc help to remove ink and maintain the quality of fiber in the pulp. While the process of de-inking, disperser disc doesn’t allow to lose the fiber from the pulp.

Disperser disc is easy in installation. It is manufactured by deep study and experiments that give study and experiments that give the best results to the paper. Disperser disc is a spare part of the machine that can be removed for cleaning purpose. It is designed as per the need of the machine and supplied on the demand and requirement of the customers.

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