Disposable Tableware Production Line


Jane Doe

January 12, 2024

Disposable Tableware Production Line

Disposable Tableware Production Line

Disposable tableware is the need of time. Parason is an end-to-end machinery and equipment supplier for manufacturing disposable tableware. Parason provides a complete disposable tableware production line, right from making the pulp to producing excellently finished tableware products. These tableware products include plates, cups, bowls, containers, glasses, spoons, etc.

High Quality Disposable Tableware Production Line

Why use Parason tableware making machine?

Parason is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of pulp and papermaking machines. We also supply tableware making machines to produce eco-friendly crockery for daily use or packaging purpose.

The biodegradable tableware making machine setup includes two main machines – forming machine & trimming machine. The forming machine forms the shapes of the products like plates, meal trays, cups, bowls, etc. These shapes are formed with the help of steel alloy moulds. The moulds can be made of any shape that is required to the customer. For example, 2-compartment plate, 4-compartment plate, 5-compartment plate, etc.

What is the raw material used for disposable tableware manufacturing?

The main raw material for manufacturing bio-degradable tableware/crockery is obtained from agricultural waste. This agricultural waste mainly includes bagasse, sugarcane leftovers, wheat straw, rice husk, rice straw, and other agricultural waste.

The advantages of these types of raw materials are that they are self-decomposing in nature. Meaning that they do not harm nature in anyways as like plastic plates and cups.

Some of the popular machines offered by Parason for making tableware are –

  • Rice husk tableware making machine
  • Wheat straw tableware making machine
  • Sugarcane bagasse tableware making machine
  • Rice straw tableware making machine

How does biodegradable tableware machine work?

There are different modes of operation of the machine for making disposable tableware. Parason bio-degradable tableware production line can be fully-automatic or semi-automatic mode. These machines are categorized according to their production capacities, like high consistency, medium consistency, and low consistency machine.

Parason machines are low-cost machines with higher performance benefits. We develop various capacities of production lines in order to meet the specific needs of our clientele.

The process begins with –

Fibre Moulding

The raw material is processed to form even slurry. This slurry is referred to as pulp. The pulping process involves the use of machines like refining machine, screening machine, thickeners, dispersers, deinking machine, etc.

These Parason pulping machines produce the best quality pulp that produces the best quality of moulded fibre products.

The pulp is furthered processed in the forming machines that are equipped with particular moulds that provide desired shape to the pulp.

Primarily, the pulp is in semi-solid state. After the forming machines give shape to the pulp, it is passed through another process in which the excess water from the shaped pulp is squeezed out and it is dried.

Now, we get the shaped pulp that is dried.

Further, this product is sent to the trimming machine in which the products are properly shaped and the edges are trimmed, thus giving it a smooth and rich finishing.

What can be manufactured with Parason disposable tableware production line?

A variety of moulded fibre products can be manufactured with Parason disposable tableware production line. Some of the tableware and crockery products manufactured by our customers using Parason machines are –