Hard Cellulosic Material


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January 12, 2024

Hard Cellulosic Material

Hard Cellulosic Material Pulping Machine Solutions

Did you know that most of the paper is cellulose?

Cellulose is mainly derived from plants. The cell walls of plants carry cellulose. Cellulose is fiber-like material present in the roots, stems, and branches of plants. It makes the trees strong to hold them-selves tall. Thus trees are the main source of cellulose. Vegetables are also a source of cellulose.

Cellulose is made up of a large quantity of glucose. Glucose is sugar. A large quantity of glucose, when joined together, forms cellulose. Cellulose is a chain of glucose. This formation is a straight structure that resembles fibers. Therefore it can be said that cellulose is fibers.

Cotton is a great source of cellulose. Cotton fibers are twisted into straight threads and these threads are used to make clothes. Cotton fibers are also used to make papers. These papers are of smooth texture.

Domestic solid waste includes a large amount of cellulose, especially vegetables. These materials are used for organic products and also utilized for recycling paper, packaging material, fuels, etc. The cellulose collected from the wastes and plants is used to make pulp which is further used to make papers.

The pulp formation is carried out in the pulping machine, also called as pulper. The cellulose extract-ed from the sources is mixed with water and chemicals to form a pulp. The pulp formed in the pulp-ing machine further goes to the paper machine for the formation of paper.

Thus cellulose helps in the recycling of papers. Cellulosic materials are renewable resources that are available in large quantities in the environment. Therefore these abundant resources need to be used wisely and widely for recycling purposes. This will not only benefit the recycling factories but will also serve a hand in the prevention of trees that are cut down for paper formation.

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