HardBoard Paper Machine


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January 12, 2024

HardBoard Paper Machine

Maximize Your Paper Mill Production By Using
Our Hardboard Paper Machine

Hardboard paper machines are flexible and reliable machines that incorporate both experience and innovation for the production of high-quality paperboards, cardboards, and hardboards. Parason manufactures & supplies complete hardboard paper machines for the production of top-quality hardboard papers. Paper mills can obtain complete hardboard paper production machines and other equipment from one integrated supplier. Parason has the process and machinery expertise team that help you recommend the most cost-effective approach.

Hardboard paper is one kind of paper that is made out of exploded wood fibers that have been subjected to compression at extreme levels.

Hardboard paper can also be termed as high-density fiberboard.

It is a type of fibreboard which is organized by wood product. It comes with high density and is much stronger and harder as compared to other papers.

Hardboard paper is mostly used for packaging products. It possesses the strength properties that are necessary to hold the product. It has the tear-resistant properties that are required for packaging and transporting purposes.

The hardboard paper and kraft paper mostly have similar qualities. Hardboard paper is stronger than kraft paper and amongst all types of paper.

Hardboard generally has a three-layer structure. The middle layer has curve paper in middle sandwiched in both thin and hard layers of brown paper. The middle curved layer can also be called as corrugated cardboard. This layer provides more strength to the hardboard sheet. Hardboard paper also comes in a five-layer and seven-layer structure. The strength of the board increases with the increase in the layers. Thus the hardboard is mainly used for packaging and transportation of goods as a safe and secure level.

How Hardboard Paper is Made?

Hardboard paper is produced from the fiber that is obtained from exploded wood. It is deeply compressed to obtain a strong sheet that can hold weight for packaging. the procedure is somewhat similar to that of the normal paper making process. There is a large amount of wood used for the manufacturing of hardboard.

Parason manufactures machines that produce pulp from the recycling of used and old materials. The fibers obtained from the recycling of used raw material reduces the cutting of trees to obtain wood fibers. The recycled pulp is obtained with the exact quality without any loss in its strength and characteristics. The recycled items mostly consist of old and used paper products like paper cups, normal paper, notebooks, packaging sheets, cardboard, etc. Sometimes old and used wooden toys and wooden articles are also used as recycled material.

Recycling of paper products also helps to reduce waste and maintain a clean environment and surroundings. The hardboard paper can be best used for packaging and safe transportation of goods. Hardboard paper comes with a smooth surface which is made for printing purpose. This surface has a better ink absorption quality and does not spread while printing.

The hardboard paper machine produces the sheet with one soft side as well as both sides with a soft/smooth surface so that the paper does not split or crack. It has the best foldable quality.

Hardboard paper has been used in furniture, the construction industry, as a temporary floor protector, and comes with many more uses. It is widely used for packaging and transportation as well as to procure more sustainable and temporary protection material.

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