Kraft Paper Machine


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January 12, 2024

Kraft Paper Machine

Kraft Paper Machine

Accelerate Your Paper Mill Production With Kraft Paper Machine

Parason is the leading global supplier of complete kraft paper mill machinery, equipment, and spare parts. Parason focuses on the manufacturing of the kraft paper making machine. Experts and experienced engineers design the kraft machines that give the exact efficient result to the paper pulp.

Parason mainly manufactures packaging paper machines. Technical standards are established as per the requirement of the paper quality and quality machines. Technical norms work efficiently on the manufacturing and designing of the paper pulp machines. Proper guidance by the experts makes the machine more vulnerable and work with completeness. Kraft paper is brown paper used mostly for packaging of products.

Now-a-days kraft paper has given more importance after the ban on plastic campaign. This gave rise to the manufacturing of paper bags. This paper bag is known as kraft paper. Kraft paper contains strength the holds the substances tightly to maintain equal support. It is mainly used for most of the industrial and commercial application

Best Quality Kraft Paper Machine

Kraft paper is of many types. Single layer and board layer and multi-layer are the types of kraft paper. Single layer kraft paper is paper which has a single layer of thickness. This paper is mostly used for packaging purpose. It is a soft pulp paper which gives the soft paper quality. Single layer kraft paper is used for packaging operations for wrapping, bundling, holding things and bundling.

Multi-layer kraft paper is the paper quality that has multiple layers in a single paper. Kraft paper has a good strength that sticks together; multi-layer kraft paper can give more strength to hold the thing together. Cardboard sheet has the proper multi-layered paper which can also be seen with the eyes also. Cardboard has a thin brown paper and other curved medium size paper in the middle and hard and thick layer of kraft paper in outside that holds the product fixed.

These cardboard boxes are used for covering TV, refrigerator and much heavy equipment. Multi-layered kraft paper can also be seen in boxes, such as medicines boxes which have a low quality of paper inside and printable glossy surface on the outside. Kraft paper is mainly produced by recycled paper. Parason machines are designed so that the paper pulp is manufactured by a recycled paper like; office paper, tissue etc.

Machines that can manufacture pulp for all type of brown paper are yield at Parason. Parason manufactures kraft paper making machines, mostly focused to produce good  quality of kraft paper. Parason has a world-class set of own foundry of steel. It has a series of machines that work automatically and gives best results to the product. As the use of recycled paper, Parason machine has the efficiency of removing unwanted waste like; sellotape, ink, and other plastic or pins and are pulp is gathered only with pure paper.

Parason machines are manufactured in 62 countries including India and are supplying as per the requirement of the kraft paper mill machinery.

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