Kraft Paper Machine


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January 12, 2024

Kraft Paper Machine

Kraft Paper Machine

Stock Production Capacity: 100 TPD, 200 TPD, 300 TPD, 500 TPD, 1200 TPD

Parason is a trusted worldwide supplier for Kraft Paper machines since 1977. Parason kraft paper making machines are widely used to make various types of kraft papers.

We manufacture and supply superior kraft paper making machines that are developed with high-tech advanced technology based on in-depth research and development.

What is kraft paper (craft paper) and what are its types?

Kraft paper or craft paper is developed by arranging layers of paper together.

Therefore, it is comparatively thicker than normal writing-printing papers.

Kraft paper can be manufactured in different colours and textures.

There are the following types of kraft papers based on their manufacturing process –

Virgin kraft paper (natural kraft paper) –  This type of kraft paper is developed with virgin fibres or wood fibres. It is strong with bright and better appearance properties than the rest of the kraft papers. The fibres of this virgin kraft paper are strongly bonded with each other and hold higher strength properties. It is durable and used in branded packaging, making protective layers around something, wrapping, making carrier sheets, etc.

  • Recycled kraft paper – This type of kraft paper is developed from recycled paper and paper products. The fibres of recycled kraft paper are smaller in size and it has less bright appearance than other kraft papers. It is used for making fruit trays, void filling, food packaging containers, etc.
  • Black kraft paper – As the name suggests, this is a black coloured kraft paper. It is the most common type of kraft paper used for durable backings of items like photo frames. It is used as a light barrier, light absorber, and other general uses.
  • Coloured kraft paper – Coloured kraft paper is made using dyes of different colours. It is mostly used in making craft articles, decoration articles, origami, and other purposes.
  • Bleached kraft paper – This is a plain white kraft paper that is used for drawing, painting, sketching. It is good and clean in appearance and therefore it can be used as a substitute to white linen table toppings, table covers, etc.

Production Capacity: 100 -1200 Tons Per Day

How to manufacture the best quality kraft paper?

Parason Machinery is a long-standing machinery supplier in the pulp and paper industry.

Our machines hold all the great qualities to manufacture the best quality Kraft papers that your paper mill needs.

Parason is a trusted partner for all your pulp and paper mill machinery requirements.

Kraft paper mill machines include the kraft fibre line system to manufacture pulp from wood fibres or recycled papers. This pulp is used to produce kraft papers and other kraft paper products like paper cups, paper plates, decorative articles, and so on.

The pulp line machinery includes pulping machine, pulp cleaning machine, pulp thickener, pulp screening machine, agitators, refiners, screen baskets, de-fibre machines, etc.



How to select the perfect kraft paper machine for your mill?

First, you need to decide how much kraft paper you want to manufacture and according to the manufacturing requirements, you should select the machine with an appropriate capacity of production.

For example, suppose you want to manufacture 500 to 1000 tons of kraft paper per day, you should get the machines from 500 to 1000 TPD capacity instead of the ones with 200 to 400 TPD or 1200 to 1500 TPD.

When you buy the exact capacity machines as that of your requirement, you ensure the proper working and durability of the machine.

Parason kraft paper making machinery is available in the following production capacities –

  • 100 tons per day
  • 200 tons per day
  • 300 tons per day
  • 500 tons per day
  • 1200 tons per day

Specifications of Parason kraft paper mill machines:

PLC control system

The mechanism of the working of Parason kraft paper machines is based on automatic PLC control system.

This high-end technology has paved the way to an easy manufacturing process in the pulp and paper industry.

With the help of automatic PLC system, the machine gains ample speed and faster manufacturing with lesser human efforts.

The increased speed reduced the time taken for manufacturing of the products and thus, saves energy and power.

Low energy and power requirements

All Parason pulp and paper making machines are focused on low power intake and more output.

With our in-house research and development, we focus on manufacturing machines that intake low power consumption and generate more output in less time.

Therefore, our machines are the most efficient in the pulp and paper mill industry.

Low maintenance

One of the important aspects of industrial machines is maintenance. All the machines require proper and timely maintenance for their smooth working.

The maintenance requirements of Parason machines are very low. Parason machines are developed with high-quality stainless steel alloys that are rigid and provide great resistance to wear and tear.

All our machines are durable and sustainable to high pressure, heat, and continuous operations.

Availability of spare parts

Parason machines come with spare parts. Spare parts are important to keep the machine working in times when one of its parts starts to malfunction.

Spare parts are handy and occupy less space. Parason supplies best paper industry spare parts to paper mills in India and foreign countries.

We offer our services Worldwide including Asia, Europe, The Gulf-Countries, South-East Asia, and The United States of America. Our headquarters are located in India with several manufacturing plants and foundries.

Parason is advanced Leader & Manufacturer, specialized in the Pulp & Paper Industry

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